Climate Bonds CONNECT 2024 

After the success of CONNECT 2023 traveling to key financial capitals around the world including Hong Kong, BogotáNew York and London. The Climate Bonds CONNECT 2024 event series continues to expand our reach aiming to connect investors, government officials, corporates and supporting organisations in seven locations. Our events continue to connect the most influential stakeholders making Sustinable Finance a profitable reality.  Stay connected and further information will be released soon. 











  • New York - 25 September


  • London - 24 & 25 October











  • Singapore - Q3






*Please note dates are being confirmed

Watch the Highlights of the CONNECT 2024 Event in Brussels



Watch the full video of the CONNECT 2024 Mumbai & MUFG N0W


For the full information about each event, including links for the videos of each session please visit our archive


“Investors should see the global transition as an opportunity for long-term growth and stability. The world has the capital necessary for this transition, but it needs to move — fast. Thankfully, there are more options than ever for investors to identify and support credible transition efforts. With 50 countries now implementing green taxonomies, and large-scale public procurement driving down costs, the green future is closer than ever before. But to get there every company, investor, and industry needs to put transition at the forefront of its operations.”
- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative