Climate Bonds CONNECT 2023 Summary

Through its series of invitation-only in-person regional conferences and with a mix of a larger online audience at the Global Conference, the Climate Bonds CONNECT 2023 series of events, brought together key decision-makers and top-tier influencers at a series of world-class events which took place in key financial capitals around the world including Hong Kong, Bogotá, New York and London.
Themed 'Ready, Set, Transition,' this year's Climate Bonds Connect series, with a primary focus on transition, engaged participants in discussions aimed at fostering a credible global transition from brown to green. The discourse centred on achieving an ambitious, inclusive transformation aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement.
“Investors should see the global transition as an opportunity for long-term growth and stability. The world has the capital necessary for this transition, but it needs to move — fast. Thankfully, there are more options than ever for investors to identify and support credible transition efforts. With 50 countries now implementing green taxonomies, and large-scale public procurement driving down costs, the green future is closer than ever before. But to get there every company, investor, and industry needs to put transition at the forefront of its operations.”
- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative


Highlights - CONNECT'23 Global Conference 


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Conclusion of CONNECT'23 Series

Climate Bonds Global Conference wraps up

The CONNECT’23 series reached its finale with the successful conclusion of the Climate Bonds Global Conference. Embracing a hybrid format that seamlessly blended in-person attendance with a substantial online audience, the Conference, along with the subsequent Training Day, gathered an exceptional assembly of experts and passionate supporters of sustainable finance from all corners of the globe. Learn more...

New York event ends on a high note!

Climate Bonds North America Regional Conference - 20 September

Held in the vibrant city of New York during Climate Week, the event saw an exclusive gathering of sustainable finance experts come together to discuss opportunities in the field of climate transition for both the private sector and government. Learn more...                

Financing Transition

To operate in a lower carbon economy, most sectors must undergo a major transformation.

Major economic sectors vary in how aligned they are with the net zero by 2050 goal of the Paris Agreement. The transformation of the electricity utilities sector is well underway but it is clear that most sectors still have a lot to do. Learn more...