Welcome to the 9th Climate Bonds Awards!

Climate Bonds Initiative is proud to announce the winners of the 9th Climate Bonds Awards, celebrating top achievers in sustainable finance for 2023. This event acknowledges since 2016 the contributions of emerging markets, financial institutions, and governments that have been instrumental in advancing the market over the past year.

The 2024 ceremony marks the 9th year of the Awards and was streamed on the Climate Bonds YouTube channel [LINK]. Join us in celebrating the outstanding contributions of our winners who continue to push the boundaries of sustainable finance and lead the change towards a greener, more resilient future.

Check the stories behind each winner by exploring their profiles below, and learn how their initiatives are shaping the landscape of sustainable finance.

“Today’s awards celebrate the extraordinary progress we’ve made in green, social, and sustainable finance. The market has grown over 100 times in the last decade, to over USD4 trillion. But this is just a start; we still have to halve our emissions by 2030, and prepare for the climate impacts we are starting to experience. The winners today are driving change and inspiring others.”

- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative