Welcome to the 7th Climate Bonds Awards!

Climate Bonds Initiative (Climate Bonds) today announced its list of top achievers in sustainable finance for 2021 during the 7th Annual Climate Bonds Awards. Recognition has been given to winners from emerging markets, financial institutions and governments who have led the development of the market over the course of the year. The Climate Bonds Awards is the prime international event marking leadership, best practices and innovation in green and sustainable finance. 

Since 2016 we have awarded 175 organisations, financial institutions and governments that demonstrated leadership through leading financing of climate-resilient and low carbon projects in a diverse range of nations and markets. Our awards incorporate Green Bond Pioneers globally and newer debt instruments that support climate and other challenges embracing the broader landscape of sustainable finance.

“We congratulate all winners of the 6th Climate Bonds Awards. This is a public acknowledgement to all organizations and governments that are at the forefront of shifting capital towards low carbon solutions and the larger transition to net-zero, providing real economy examples of where investment should be going. Particularly welcome are first time and pioneering issuers from emerging and developing economies, taking a leading role and adding depth and diversity to global and regional markets. In late 2020 we achieved the global milestone of a cumulative $1trillion green investment. But the climate crisis and its growing impacts continue to outstrip our efforts on emissions reduction. Acceleration to $1trillion in annual green investment is the next goal for global finance and governments. A decisive tilting of 2020s capital into green recovery, resilience, adaptation & transition is now required.” 
Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds 

The winners of the 7th Climate Bonds Awards are: 



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