Climate Bonds CONNECT 2024 - Europe - Brussels Summary



Road to 2040 - Financing EU's Transition to Net Zero

Climate Bonds CONNECT happened in Europe for the first time in the heart of Brussels at the European Parliament. The event, hosted by Minister of the Parliament Paul Tang, gathered 90 policy-makers and influencers, and corporates, finance specialists and technical specialists to discuss transition and Europe's climate objectives. Another topic was to discuss a pivotal sector to decarbonize: buildings. 

Since the EU's sustainable finance agenda launched in 2018, initiatives like the EU Taxonomy, EU Green Bond Standard, and disclosure regulations have positioned the EU as a leader in climate action. Yet, achieving the 2050 net zero target remains uncertain:

-    Should the focus shift from ‘becoming green’ rather than ‘being green’?
-    Is emphasising transition finance and mandatory transition plans for all sectors the key to EU’s pragmatic transition agenda? 
-    How can we finance the decarbonisation of the EU’s building stock?

With the European election and new Commission college imminent, join us for a vital discussion with politicians, regulators, NGOs, and industry leaders on the future of sustainable finance.

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