Sovereign Green Bond Pioneer

Awarded to: 
The Republic of Austria

Austria is one of the first EU member states to combine a strategic approach to climate change adaptation with a comprehensive action plan. The sovereign green bonds issued by the Austrian Treasury enable Austria to attract dedicated funding for the transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions and achieving the Austrian climate goals; and further promote and develop the domestic and international green bond markets. Proceeds are earmarked for Low-Carbon Transport, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention and Control, Land Use, Biodiversity, Sustainable Water Management, and Adaptation.

"The Republic of Austria has successfully implemented a green pillar in its funding strategy and has shown its pioneer role by issuing Green short-term instruments as the first sovereign worldwide. It is a great honour for us to be awarded as Sovereign Green Bond Pioneer in the CBI Awards 2023."

- Markus Stix, Managing Director Markets