Largest Green Asset-Backed Security Issuer of 2022

Awarded to: 
Ginnie Mae

In November 2021, Ginnie Mae added the Green status field to its Multifamily Mortgage-Backed Securities Disclosure. This was the result of partnering with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to recognize their Green Mortgage Insurance Discount Program. This program incentivizes lenders to pursue housing solutions that are environmentally friendly. The Ginnie Mae Disclosure highlights this incentive to the ESG investor, and subsequently channels more investment capital through Ginnie Mae securitization to promote this outcome.

“I am honored to receive the ‘Largest Green Asset-Backed Security Issuer award.’ This recognition confirms that our multifamily green program is another example of Ginnie Mae’s success in harnessing the power of the capital markets to drive lasting change"

- Alanna McCargo, President