Largest Financial Corporate Green Bond of 2022

Awarded to: 
The Bank of China

The Bank of China is one of major state owned commercial banks in China, who has actively supported sustainable economy and social development through financial strength. The proceeds from this bond finance Clean Energy Industry, Sustainable Upgrade of Infrastructure, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry, Ecology and Environment related sector and Clean Production industry.

"Thanks to CBI for the recoginition of  Bank of China's commitment to green finance.  Green finance is one of our key strategies to implement financial supply-side structural reform. In the future, Bank of China will continue to leverage the advantages of globalisation, attract the attention of domestic and foreign investors to green bonds, drive finance to support green development, and endeavor to foster a new relationship where man and nature can both prosper and live in harmony"

- ZHOU Quan, General Manager of Asset and Liability Management Department