CBI21 Agenda



                                              5 days of webinar sessions, online for the world

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This year our focus is on the short window of opportunity to meet our 2030 targets. Global alliances, as well as regional actions, need to work beyond recovery and through resilience to achieve the carbon reduction targets and raise 1 trillion dollars per year needed on green investments this decade. Join around 65 speakers from an array of influential organizations and governments worldwide to join our conversations. Watch live panels translated in Spanish and Mandarin, interviews, attend workshops, and network for a week and beyond with a global community.

* Please, note that the CBI21 Conference Agenda is subject to change, and will be updated continuously up to the event.

The Online Experience

Swapcard will be our online event platform that allows you to experience all that Climate Bonds Conference21 has to offer. Using this as your portal to the conference, you can:

  • Access the Live Webinar Sessions, and interact in live Q&A segments with the speakers;
  • Visit virtual Exhibitor Booths, and access the latest reports and publications from our esteemed sponsors and exhibitors, including Climate Bonds Initiative’s own global teams;
  • Engage with exhibitors through live chat, and join live presentations and Q&As with them;
  • Network with fellow attendees, through the Community Message boards;
  • Watch interviews with leading global authorities on Finance & Green Bonds.

We are pleased to announce that all of our Live Webinar Sessions will happen in English and live interpretation will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and that the recordings will be available to attendees through Swapcard. The conference is live on Swapcard, so you can start networking with fellow attendees and learn about our sponsors & exhibitors.